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KIWI® Camp Dry® Heavy
Duty Water Repellent

When you’re outdoors, there’s nothing more important than having dry boots and feet. KIWI® Camp Dry® Heavy Duty Water Repellent creates a tough waterproof barrier that keeps your boots dry – even in the harshest conditions.

KIWI® Camp Dry® Heavy Duty Water Repellent:

  • Creates a tough barrier to repel water
  • Allows materials to breathe
  • Is odorless once thoroughly dried
  • Works great on leather, canvas and all other breathable materials

"I used Heavy Duty Water Repellent when I went on my Mt. Whitney climb and my hiking shoes repelled water. This is a great, affordable product to help waterproof your shoes and keep your boots dry."
- Brian, blogger for Brian and Ashley’s Hiking Blog
"After spending time in the mud and rain, my boots stayed very dry; they even had lots of little water beads all over that never soaked into the leather. Not only did it work, the product was odorless after it dried."
- H. Moore, blogger for the OutdoorBlog.net.